Reducing Food Waste

Reducing food waste with the help of Misfits Market Madness box

It’s been a while since I updated this space and a lot has happened since then. I have a lot to share and will slowly fill you in as time goes on.

One of my major passions is food. Not just the preparation of food but also the sourcing of food and the environmental impact of our food consumption. That’s one of the major catalysts for my plant based lifestyle.

Organic mushrooms and apples from Misfits Market.

We buy more than we need. We by more than we can eat. Each year we throw away pounds of food each, both from our own homes as well as in restaurants and grocery stores. Grocery stores display the ‘pretty’ produce and discard the ‘ugly’ ones. What a waste! I’m not gonna lie, I’m part of the problem as well.

I too buy more than I can consume. I get super excited to make meals when I grocery shop but later as days go by, I get either too lazy or just too tired to prep what’s in my fridge. To be honest, I cringe whenever I have to throw both cooked and uncooked meals away because it truly is money going to waste.

The Madness box from Misfits Market

So to help remedy that, I decided to try Misfits Market. They are a produce delivery company that focuses on reducing food waste. Their mission is to provide affordable access to healthy food and to fight the food waste crisis. They ship out organic produce that may not have passed the beauty standards of some stores but yet still healthy to eat.

Abnormal potatoes from Misfit Market

I immediately fell in love with Misfits Market’s concept and especially the price. They offer two box options, the Mischief and the Madness. The Mischief box is about 10-13lbs of produce for $22 and the Madness is about 18-22lbs for $35. You can order weekly or biweekly and they are delivered straight to your front door.

Reducing food waste with Misfits Market

I ordered the Madness box due to the quantity and the price. $35 for a week or two worth of organic groceries is a steal for me. I also love the concept because of having a variety of veggies that I may not usually purchase, thus combating cooking boredom and wasting food. The boxes will definitely help me budget my food costs and prevent over buying more than I need. I plan to try this out until the end of the year and will return with a product review.

Here’s a coupon code to get 25% off your box. No this isn’t a sponsored post. I’m just helping to spread the word about this amazing company. Code is here. Let me know what you think about your box and happy eating!!


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