Yes I Made My Dress

Wow, so it’s official.  I have returned to the internets from a much needed hiatus.  With a brand new blog and with a bit of a different view of life.  My old blog didn’t feel like me anymore and it simply wasn’t fun. I felt overwhelmed, uninspired, and nonchalant about what I was posting.  So I took a break, a really long one. And it felt good.  I’ve decided to return to blogging because to be honest, I missed it.

So what was I doing during my time away?  I was still working on my craft.  I focused a lot on sewing for myself and learning techniques to becoming a better seamstress.  I didn’t stop sewing, just decided to do it at a much leisurely pace.  I continued to sew for others, even made my first wedding gown.  I also focused on myself, traveled a lot, changed my lifestyle around, and prioritized self care. Can’t wait to tell y’all about all that.

I’m returning to blogging again to share my love of fashion and creating in an authentic way.  I have a ton of DIYs to share using commercial patterns as well as patterns of my own.  I still refashion thrifted clothing, so I can’t wait to share how I turn old clothes into new and modern pieces.  As much as I love to create,  I also have a life outside of my sewing studio.  I gained a newfound love for traveling, cooking, and simply working on balancing my life with a lot of self care. You will get a sneak peek into what all that means and how I manage to try and work it all out.  So please make yourself at home, feel comfortable enough to comment once in a while, and I hope you learn something along the way.


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